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Posted 4/9/2014

Thinking about quitting smoking ? Reach for the e-cigarette

E cigarette  is a device for inhalation. The phrase " burn " in this context is only a metaphor , because the no smoking does not occur , there is no fire. The only process is to heat nicotine ( mostly ) fluid , called Liquid . It's the fumes are seen as characteristic white " balloon " . Aerosol is devoid , however, harmful tar and carbon monoxide , which can protect the health of the user .

There is evidence for the " harmlessness " e cig ?

The latest research on the electronic cigarette that electronic cigarettes are a thousand times less harmful product than ordinary cigarettes. They are like hard evidence . In normal cigarettes is close to 6 thousand . a variety of toxic compounds . The e cig at its worst found several harmful compounds . No risk of passive smoking , and citing a recent study stated that the aerosol generated and emitted by electronic cigarettes which is what the user gets to the lungs was carcinogenic compounds

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Theoretically, a minor person can buy e cig

There is no explicit law on the sale of e papierosa.To just a theory , because in practice it is impossible. In every store with cigarettes group contains information about the possibility of selling products only to adults . Although this is not a standardized legally minors have absolutely no possibility to purchase anything in these stores.

What are the benefits of smoking e - cigarette?

The most vivid example is a family of three in which the father , mother and adult son decided to go to e cigarettes. After two months in one of the shops I met a mother who was happy that her home finally disappeared stench of cigarette smoke , and also saved money they want to spend on a family trip abroad.
And the disadvantages?

E cig undoubted drawback is that most of the liquids that filling contains nicotine . However, he was already prepared a special program that allows you to lower the nicotine content contained in the liquid up to the point where the smoker will use a liquid with zero entries from nicotine or no will need for smoking . However, remember to use liquid only from reliable sources , which are tested as e liquid EirHorse tested by CMA ( Trinity College Dublin) , because the cheapest lotions available on the internet very often contain many harmful chemicals .

The person so far not at all urgent , reaching for the e - cigarette can become addicted to nicotine

A person who reaches for a glass of vodka also can become an alcoholic. We live in a free country is all for the people. However, people who are interested in e cig out of curiosity , and they are not compulsive palczami , discouraged the purchase of such products.

With e cig can quit smoking

With good motivation and following the 4 steps of the gradual reduction of nicotine content can be fully cope with nicotine addiction .
Details can be found here . Persons who wish to start their adventure with smoking, we invite you to  EirHose