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Posted 11/22/2016

E-cigarette vaping

credited by some for sharp drop in smoking despite officials frowning on practise

For years now, provincial governments, public-health officials and anti-smoking groups have lobbied hard against electronic cigarettes, arguing they risk fueling a disastrous come-back in tobacco use.

But the latest statistics show a sharp drop in the percentage of Canadians who smoke, and some experts argue the most plausible explanation lies in the popularity of e-cigarette “vaping” – despite constant official discouragement of it.

That’s good news, they say, as vaping avoids most of the carcinogens packed into tobacco smoke.

“I would think that tobacco-control people would be celebrating. That’s more rapid (a drop) than would be predicted,” says Mark Tyndall, executive director of the B.C. Centre for Disease Control. “With increasing use of e-cigarettes, and decreasing use of tobacco, it totally makes sense that there has been substitution going on.”

It is a health trend that, if real, is being propelled by consumers and entrepreneurs, not authorities or advocacy groups, noted David Sweanor, an Ottawa lawyer and veteran of the anti-smoking movement, who vigorously supports the new technology.

“It is being done despite the anti-smoking establishment,” he said. “It isn’t that governments have been encouraging this … quite the opposite. Governments have been doing things to get in the way.”

But other experts argue the shrinking number of smokers is mostly the result of tax increases. They believe e-cigarettes play, at best, a minor role — highlighting a debate over the devices that continues to divide the public-health world.

The vapour emitted by electronic cigarettes gives users a hit of addictive nicotine, without the assortment of cancer-causing chemicals delivered by tobacco smoke.

Proponents say the machines are much safer than real cigarettes, while detractors argue they could re-normalize a frowned-upon habit, as well as act as a gateway to cigarettes for young people.

Smoking prevalence, after a long downward trend, sputtered in the late 2000s, with the rate among over-15 Canadians falling only slightly, from 19 per cent to 17 per cent, between 2005 and 2011, according to the Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey.

But then the rate tumbled to 13 per cent of the adult population in the following four years as vaping emerged as a widely used alternative, the survey’s recently released 2015 results suggest.

The federal-government poll estimates that 3.8 million people were smoking in 2015, 400,000 fewer than in 2013, and 713,000 were using e-cigarettes.

Most of those vapers still smoked tobacco, but about 107,000 were former smokers.

Sweanor argues that the only change of significance that might affect the rates in the last four years is the advent of e-cigarettes.

In fact, the Canadian trend mirrors what has been happening in the U.S., Britain and other countries where vaping has taken off, said Ken Warner, a public-health professor at the University of Michigan and leading researcher in the field.

“It appears there has been a very big increase in quitting, and it appears to be recent,” said Warner about the “unprecedented” drop in American rates.

But some of the leading lights in Canada’s anti-smoking movement are not convinced.

The latest survey data simply do not support a starring role for e-cigarettes, says Rob Cunningham, an analyst with the Canadian Cancer Society.

Not only are most of the current vapers still smoking as well, but tax hikes of about $4 a carton federally and a similar amount in several provinces during the 2013-15 period provide a better clue as to why the rates are sliding, he said.

With increasing use of e-cigarettes, and decreasing use of tobacco, it totally makes sense that there has been substitution

In fact, in the age range where e-cigarettes are used the most, tobacco smoking has actually stayed level the last two years, not fallen, said Cunningham.

“That’s of concern, that the progress among 20-24 year olds appears to have stalled,” he said.

Cynthia Callard, executive director of Physicians for a Smoke-free Canada, said the relatively few vapers in the survey who say they had quit smoking suggests the devices are having little impact.

“If vaping makes a difference, it is not reflected in this survey.”

But the single question asked about e-cigarettes means those results offer limited insight into just what role the devices play, said Pippa Beck, senior policy analyst with the Non-Smokers Rights Association.

She argues they should get some of the credit for less smoking, pointing to a recent American study which found e-cigarettes did better than approved drug therapy at helping people quit.


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Posted 7/4/2015

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Significantly more Americans are using electronic-cigarettes and other vaporizing devices than a year ago, but most of those consumers are also smoking conventional cigarettes, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The findings support evidence that smokers are using both traditional tobacco products and e-cigarettes to deliver nicotine, rather than giving up traditional cigarettes altogether. Researchers are studying many questions about the potential benefits and dangers of e-cigarettes and U.S. health regulators are still working on their first set of rules governing the products.

In the meantime, proponents of vaping, as the practice is called, have argued that e-cigarettes and vaporizer represent a safer alternative to tobacco products, which have been proven to contribute to lung cancer and other diseases.

About 10 percent of U.S. adults now vape, according to the online Reuters/Ipsos poll of 5,679 Americans conducted between May 19 and June 4. That's almost four times higher than a U.S. government estimate that 2.6 percent of adults used e-cigarettes in 2013.

About 15 percent of poll participants under the age of 40 now vape. In 2013, 18.8 percent of those 18 to 24 and 20.1 percent of those 25 to 44 smoked cigarettes, according to the government data.

E-cigarettes are metal tubes that heat liquids typically laced with nicotine and deliver vapor when inhaled. Almost 70 percent of current users started in the last year alone, and about three quarters of them also smoke cigarettes, according to the poll.

The surge in use comes as conventional cigarette smoking has declined in the United States to about 19 percent of adults, prompting tobacco companies like Altria Group Inc, Lorillard Inc and Reynolds American Inc to rush into the e-cigarette market.

Reynolds' Vuse brand, helped by its national rollout to 100,000 retail outlets, has captured almost 36 percent of the U.S. market to become the No. 1 e-cigarette. It passed Lorillard's Blu eCigs, which had 22.7 percent, according to Nielsen data.

At the same time, the number of U.S. vape shops has risen to at least 15,000 from virtually none a few years ago, according to recent industry estimates.

Wells Fargo Securities analyst Bonnie Herzog estimates the entire U.S. market for "vapor devices" will grow to $3.5 billion by the end of the year, from $2.5 billion in 2014. More than half of that will be vapor tanks and personal vaporizer, which typically have a stronger battery and can use nicotine liquid in thousands of flavors.


Almost half of users surveyed said they were motivated to use the devices because of friends or family, while almost 40 percent said they were persuaded by the ability to smoke indoors and the lower cost over time. The credibility interval, a measure of the poll's accuracy, was plus or minus 1.5 percentage points for all poll participants and 5.2 percentage points for questions specific to the 463 e-smokers in the poll.

About 80 percent of vapers said using the devices was "a good way to help people quit smoking," according to the poll. By contrast, fewer than 40 percent of all adults surveyed felt that way.

Many are like Emily Deppe of Utah, who wants to quit smoking before she gets pregnant. She learned about the devices from a neighbor.

Deppe, 37, believes the devices are less harmful than cigarettes. They satisfy her urge to hold a cigarette, but can be used in more places than cigarettes and don't make her clothes smell like smoke.

U.S. companies are barred from explicitly marketing the products as smoking cessation devices, though e-cigarettes have already made a dent in sales of nicotine patches and gums that are meant to help smokers quit, according to research group Euromonitor. U.S. sales of nicotine replacement therapies rose 0.2 percent to $900 million in 2014, according to Euromonitor.

Euromonitor expects U.S. sales to drop this year by the same amount because of the increased use of vaping devices and a shrinking population of smokers.

Mike Morgan, works in IT for a telecommunications company. The 48-year-old Kentucky man knew he needed to quit his pack a day habit, but it wasn't until his mother died two years ago of cancer that he decided to try electronic cigarettes.

"You don’t get the great big burst of nicotine you get with a cigarette, but at this point, it satisfies my cravings," said Morgan, who now uses a vaping device about 10 to 15 times a day and eventually wants to quit.

Vapers were twice as likely as the general population to think the devices are "healthier than the traditional cigarettes” but they were also more likely to say someone could become "addicted to e-smoking."

"I definitely think it is better," said Seth Hunt, 45, who started vaping about six months ago after a doctor told him he needed to quit smoking.

The New Jersey man said he feels significantly better now that he puffs the device about 150 times a day instead of smoking, but his family would like him to quit that too. 

"I'm waiting to see, but for now, I think it is better than cigarettes," he said.

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Posted 5/25/2015

Limerick councilors banned the use of electronic cigarettes in the urban communication. A similar ban has been operating since April in Cork. J
- Adoption of a resolution prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes in public transport vehicles is part of the comprehensive measures Limerick City to promote a healthy lifestyle. We leave also facing complaints pouring in from people using public transport. Passengers pay attention to the difficulties connected with the use of electronic cigarettes in vehicles

Draft resolution on this issue has not affected yet and therefore will be Proceeded until June, it is likely to be easily accepted.

Case ban smoking in buses began back in September last year.

- Do not addictive, and when smoking does not stink. This option is convenient both for me and other people in the tram. Why someone would disturb steam? - She says encountered a man who uses e-cigarette in a tram.

The ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in public transport introduced in April this year Cork. A large number of people complaining of smokers who are able to withstand several minutes without e-cigarette. Once inhaled, balloon wafted the vehicle, and fellow passengers become passive smokers.

- So far we did not notice any submissions on the matter. However, each will be carefully reviewed, and the measures taken are adequate to events

Electronic-Cigarette consists of nicotine and water vapor. Such a combination is less harmful for the smoker and his surroundings. Several leading academic centers on this research, but not their findings are not yet conclusive. The World Health Organization has banned the advertising of electronic cigarette, because it may be the first step on the road to addiction.

Actions taken by the Irish city are a result of a resolution adopted by the Metropolitan Transport Association. Local governments collectively have recommended a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in public transportation all members of the association. In Ireland, the legislation governing the use of electronic cigarettes are less restrictive than in the case of tobacco, but more and more cities prohibits their use. In Dublin, a similar communication ban has been operating for several years.

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Posted 4/9/2014

Thinking about quitting smoking ? Reach for the e-cigarette

E cigarette  is a device for inhalation. The phrase " burn " in this context is only a metaphor , because the no smoking does not occur , there is no fire. The only process is to heat nicotine ( mostly ) fluid , called Liquid . It's the fumes are seen as characteristic white " balloon " . Aerosol is devoid , however, harmful tar and carbon monoxide , which can protect the health of the user .

There is evidence for the " harmlessness " e cig ?

The latest research on the electronic cigarette that electronic cigarettes are a thousand times less harmful product than ordinary cigarettes. They are like hard evidence . In normal cigarettes is close to 6 thousand . a variety of toxic compounds . The e cig at its worst found several harmful compounds . No risk of passive smoking , and citing a recent study stated that the aerosol generated and emitted by electronic cigarettes which is what the user gets to the lungs was carcinogenic compounds

Good e cigarettes can be found at

Theoretically, a minor person can buy e cig

There is no explicit law on the sale of e papierosa.To just a theory , because in practice it is impossible. In every store with cigarettes group contains information about the possibility of selling products only to adults . Although this is not a standardized legally minors have absolutely no possibility to purchase anything in these stores.

What are the benefits of smoking e - cigarette?

The most vivid example is a family of three in which the father , mother and adult son decided to go to e cigarettes. After two months in one of the shops I met a mother who was happy that her home finally disappeared stench of cigarette smoke , and also saved money they want to spend on a family trip abroad.
And the disadvantages?

E cig undoubted drawback is that most of the liquids that filling contains nicotine . However, he was already prepared a special program that allows you to lower the nicotine content contained in the liquid up to the point where the smoker will use a liquid with zero entries from nicotine or no will need for smoking . However, remember to use liquid only from reliable sources , which are tested as e liquid EirHorse tested by CMA ( Trinity College Dublin) , because the cheapest lotions available on the internet very often contain many harmful chemicals .

The person so far not at all urgent , reaching for the e - cigarette can become addicted to nicotine

A person who reaches for a glass of vodka also can become an alcoholic. We live in a free country is all for the people. However, people who are interested in e cig out of curiosity , and they are not compulsive palczami , discouraged the purchase of such products.

With e cig can quit smoking

With good motivation and following the 4 steps of the gradual reduction of nicotine content can be fully cope with nicotine addiction .
Details can be found here . Persons who wish to start their adventure with smoking, we invite you to  EirHose

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Posted 4/9/2014

What is e- smoking with e- cigarettes

More and more often we meet with expressions e vaping , e cigarette . What is this wonder ? Can we really be witnessing a revolution that once and for all eliminate the problem of passive smoking and cause the same health smoking will be neutral ? In this article we will try to dispel doubts about this, throw in a handful of practical advice. Electronic and ecological E -cigarette is the first electronic cigarette and eco-friendly on the market . It is dangerous for the body since it contains tar or carcinogens. As a " device " harmless to the environment , we can smoke it anywhere , even in places where letting go of the traditional " bubble " is prohibited, such as on a bus or on a plane. Benefits , which are not lacking This invention allows you to enjoy at that ritual of smoking, but does not deliver the body of harmful substances that destroy our health. It is important to eliminate passive smoking. What is important for smokers - e-cigarette looks like a real : a mouthpiece , a glowing tip , and it emits a mist resembling smoke

Forever thrower who " have tried everything" see this as another opportunity , they believe that with electronic cigarette quit smoking - even for the most hardened smokers will be painless. And disadvantages ... Unfortunately , ah , unfortunately . No defects there's no way . E smoking , which has already made such a sensation in the West, has some effect on our health. So it is not without drawbacks pleasure . Manufacturers of e-cigarettes are tobacco companies . Their new product as an alternative to traditional cigarettes , he laid bare the new face of cigarette manufacturers as advocates of a healthy lifestyle. Where is the problem? Well, generated by the device balloon contains nicotine - one of the most addictive psychoactive substances , which makes 40 to 50% of people in contact with the substance. good alternative Lesser Evil ? Yes, because the e-cigarette can help in the fight against smoking addiction , be transitional stage between "being an addict " and "being a former addict ." A simple calculation shows that better smoke e cigarettes Ireland than let " ordinary balloon ." This product can not be just a gimmick . Please note that e- cigarettes are devoid of tar and other carcinogenic compounds that cause most of the diseases associated with smoking traditional tobacco but gradually addicted to nicotine . practical info First - where? The easiest way is to order online . Secondly - how? Use our four-step procedure : PHASE I - If you are a true addict - smoke an e- cigarette with a high level of nicotine ( and any time when you have the desire to reach for a cigarette - eliminated the option once e - smoking , one smoking) .

This stage lasts 6 weeks. If lighty smoked or smoked recently go directly to phase II. STAGE II - Use the e liquid (eirhorse) with an average nicotine content . This phase takes 12 weeks. STAGE III - Time e - cigarette e liquid with low nicotine content . At this stage the need for four weeks . PHASE IV - Use the e liquid without nicotine to reach the goal of complete withdrawal . The last two weeks, and you're free ! Sales of electronic cigarettes , or smokeless nicotine inhalers , going up recently , it is estimated that in Ireland disappear from the stores at least 4 thousand . units per month ( all sets , not counting replacement cartridges ,e liquid ), and the demand for them is growing. At the same time there is a discussion or not to ban the production and distribution of e cig . Why electronic cigarettes are to be treated worse than traditional cigarettes ? After cigarettes will continue to be bought at any kiosk . This raises the question of why prohibits the e cig , which are harmless to non-smokers . It is possible that at stake lobbying companies as the electronic cigarette is a potential competitor of both cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy .

Usually fighting tobacco and pharmaceutical exceptionally according lobbied for the introduction of the bill ban e cig . Opportunities kontrlobbingu eletronic cigarettes manufacturers - mostly small businesses - are almost none. Community e - smokers sent a petition to the Ministry of Health with a request to withdraw the proposed ban. What will be the result - we will see shortly . And what is happening abroad ? In Hungary, e cig were considered a pharmaceutical product . And because it did not pass acceptance testing of pharmaceuticals on the market , they temporarily banned . In Slovakia, however limited they sell only to stores with a separate area for the sale of tobacco . In the Czech Republic from July will be available through the Internet and vending machines. Our southern neighbors have also banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors

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New Post Title

Posted 4/4/2014

You are trying to quit smoking? You spread out , or help you in this e -mail? Are they safe ?

These and hundreds of other questions corresponds to prof. Jean -Francois Etter , in just published the book " The whole truth about e - cigarettes ." This is the first such comprehensive position on these increasingly common devices. A survey conducted by one of the manufacturers of e-cigarettes that these devices "are a preventive measure against relapse . And their main advantages is the prospect of ' seizure of hands ' , the ability of nicotine dosage depending on your needs , a wide variety of flavors , smoking inside buildings and lower the cost of addiction . " In second place among the methods of smoking cessation found a physical activity on nicotine capsules , chewing gum , lozenges and patches . Is that really explains professor of public health at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva in Switzerland , who for the last 18 years led numerous research projects on addiction and prevention of nicotine addiction .

The scholar dug through dozens of studies that try to explain how e - cigarettes affect the body smoker , whether they are his enemies or allies in the fight against addiction. E CIG represent a preventive measure against relapse . And their main advantages is the prospect of ' seizure of hands ' , the ability of nicotine dosage depending on your needs , a wide variety of flavors , smoking inside buildings and reduced costs addiction. But that did not stop the professor . The book also describes , among others, the history of this invention. It turns out that the first electronic cigarette invented back in 1963 an American engineer Herbert A. Gilbert . The device does not secrete smoke and had all the basic elements of today's e - cigarette: battery , heater and a reservoir with a flavored liquid. In the 60s not , however, universally spoken about the threat that smoking poses to health or the need to break the habit . Therefore, the invention Gilbert nobody was interested , and it has been placed on the market.

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Posted 4/4/2014

Poisonous or not?

I do not know, but e - cigarettes evoke emotions Electronic cigarettes are conquering the hearts of millions of consumers around the world . While not contain tar, there are opinions that are harmful to our health. Poisonous or not? I do not know, but e - cigarettes raise emocjeTrujące or not? I do not know, but e - cigarettes evoke emotions Electronic cigarettes are conquering new markets . There was a real fashion to incur pure nicotine. But , in fact , a product touted as the salvation for heavy smokers , may be harmful. So far no one has taken up the challenge accurately testing the impact of e - cigarettes have on our health. We certainly do not do this big corporations that have already counting the profits from their sale and bombard consumers still new ads . Momentum with which they promote their products would not be ignored biggest brands . Professor Robert West , director of product research department nicotinic University College London , wrote in a commentary published in " The Times " , it is better to smokers using e - cigarettes , than traditional tobacco smoke . More smokers will die if the government will limit the ability to use e - cigarettes - warned in a letter to " The Times " an expert on public health. The government is considering whether electronic cigarettes should be subject to closer scrutiny .

The EU is considering a complete ban them . Prof. Gerry Stimson school of public health at the London College argues , along with three other authors, that the effect of such measures would be counterproductive . " It would be a paradox if the legislature has banned e - cigarettes , condemning addicted to smoking traditional" . E - cigarettes contain only nicotine , which can satisfy the need for addicts smoking without tobacco . " Nicotine itself has little effect on health, therefore e - cigarettes can reduce the detrimental impact that smoking has on addicted people " - says prof. Stimson . It would seem that e- cigarettes will be the bane of tobacco companies . Nothing could be further from the truth. It turns out that large corporations producing products cigarettes and the like associated recognize opportunities . Thanks to them, they have a chance again to advertise a wide audience . Until now, most states forbid the advertising of cigarettes or at least significantly limited places solicitations smoking was possible. It is common to prohibit their promotion during sporting events. Often companies selling their spots cigarettes may not also present on television.

Tobacco companies to return to television after nearly half a century of absence and the ban on cigarette advertising on television. Recent data indicate that the record sum will be spent this year on advertising of non-tobacco products, including e- cigarettes. The largest tobacco companies in the world storming the emerging electronic cigarette market by huge advertising budgets . As reported by market research agency Nielsen , since 2009, nearly 60 million pounds spent in the UK on advertising " anti- smoking products ." Several times more seems to be in the United States . As he wrote recently newspaper " USA Today ", concerns the ocean hurry, because the fall the Obama administration announced regulate the advertising of e-cigarettes . In the UK last year's record with 13.6 million pounds will be beaten this year , as 11.5 million pounds spent so far. Experts in the industry believe that with such an aggressive campaign of big tobacco companies will soon introduce e - cigarettes to " mainstream " via tenders for television, which will make them "important players" . British American Tobacoo , manufacturer brands Lucky Strike and Benson & Hedges , has become the first company in July, the tobacco industry , which has launched a UK e - cigarettes and which plans to increase spending on advertising. Philip Morris International , the world's largest cigarette manufacturer , intends shortly to release their own device, and Imperial Tobacco , the manufacturer of the brand Davidoff is planned for next year. Since the device will not be subject to the provisions regulating the drug market at least until 2016 , scientists fear that impressive advertising campaign , which echo the era of the Marlboro man , could result in a retreat from listed decades the trend of reducing the consumption of tobacco products.

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Posted 4/4/2014

Cheap breathalyzers show that the driver after firing the e-cigarette is intoxicated. Fortunately, more detailed police equipment should show the correct result 0. The composition "e liquid", ie liquids for dispensing nicotine electronic cigarettes comprises glycerin, linalool, glycol compounds or from the group of alcohols. By pressing a button on the electronic cigarette is heated tank contents, and inhaled pair, besides nicotine, contains a precisely these alcohols. Some fluids contain a nicotine also pure ethyl alcohol. So is smoking electronic cigarettes have a wide berth breathalyzers and road checks? Devices for € 15 (approved) have the breath to 0.1 to 0.3 per mille. Only after a few minutes after smoking the e-cigarette, everything returns to normal

The dispute between the European parliament and the EU countries about electronic cigarettes On the way to an agreement between the EU and the EP ws. stand Directive tobacco electronic cigarettes.

The dispute escalated around the operating fluids and nicotine cartridges. Negotiators will meet on Monday evening and possibly on Wednesday. - We are at the finish of this very long and contentious negotiations. The last issue that remained to be resolved, this electronic cigarettes, most of the remaining issues is either agreed or negotiated close - said on Monday EU diplomat. - Parliament (EP) has supported the provisions that provide for the treatment of electronic cigarettes as consumer products, while the EU Council supported in its position covered by the provisions of pharmaceuticals. Council has made significant concessions, opening the door to treat them as consumer products, but the simultaneous restrictions - he added. He explained that this would be a ban on advertising, sales workers, and left to member states to regulate the issue of flavors for e cigarette. At the same time, according to this proposal, EU countries - if they wish - could be more restrictive and treat cigarettes as pharmaceuticals.

Despite such concessions from ministers - said the diplomat - PE "wants more". The hardest and most controversial issue is refillable cartridges (electronic cigarette) - he said. He explained that the EP insists that the cigarettes were sold with uzupełnialnymi contributions, the Council wants to disposables. It is possible, however, that the ministers would fit for refillable cartridges, but with lower levels of nicotine. Council wanted to nicotine electronic cigarettes only at the level of 2 mg / ml, and the EP originally spoke with a maximum level of 30 mg / ml, now talking about 20 mg / ml. - When you look at the parameters of the operating fluids of the contributions they have capacity of 10 milliliters, which when multiplied by 20 milligrams (per milliliter) gives a concentration of 200 milligrams of nicotine in the cartridge. That's a lot, according to one estimate is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes a day for a week - said the diplomat. - The second is the fear that it might open the door of many abuses, if you have such a contribution, which can be completed, it is not necessarily the nicotine, it can be a drug. Heroin addicts may find it attractive way heroin - he noted. The diplomat pointed out that the EP has made contributions "red line" due to "the strong pressure of the industry". - At the moment the red line to the Council is that we do not want operating fluids cartridges. If Parliament will absolutely insist (...), it's hard to say what will be acceptable to the Council (...).

But it was certainly expressed a lot of concern about the level of nicotine that can be used in these cartridges. Can you imagine a more restrictive regulations regarding the type of cartridges, which can be used - suggested. He estimated that there is a risk that in the event of an impasse in negotiations at this point an article about electronic cigarettes will be removed from the tobacco directive, which would result in a lack of EU regulation of this "exploding" market. - For many member states would be the worst possible outcome - he said. Directive tobacco in the European Commission's intention was to prohibit the sale of cigarettes in the EU slim and flavored cigarettes, including menthol to discourage especially young Europeans to smoke. However, the withdrawal from the market of horns do not want or PE or Member States.

In October, the European Parliament in favor of the introduction of the EU ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes, but only for 8 years. Other flavors may be banned already in 2016 Furthermore, electronic cigarettes were supposed to be - the intention of the European Commission - treated as medical products, registered and sold mainly in pharmacies. Similar restrictions are demanding ministers; MEPs do not support them. E CIG should be regulated, but should not be subject to the same principles as medical products, unless they are presented as having properties for "preventive" - says the EP