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Looking for high quality e-cig products at reasonable prices provided with friendly and expert service?

You’ll find just what you need at our e-cigarette shops, where our staff are trained to identify your needs and match them to just the right device and flavour for you. And, of course, you can try everything for free before making your decision!

E-Cig Kits & Bundles

Including everything you need right out of the box, with a wide range available for everyone's taste, these e-cigarette kits are perfect for beginner and experienced users alike.

If you're unsure which kit is for you, be sure to check out our guides and info below.


Kanger Subox Mini Kit


e cig mode cig mod


Packing 50 watt output in a compact but stylish mod the Subox mini is an impressive bit of kit, both in performance and range of use.

A vertical coil design and quality manufacture leads to great taste performance, while it’s versatility means it’s suitable for use by cloud chasers, flavour chasers and vapers who build their own coils.

Important: The Subox is powered by an 18650 battery which is not included in the kit. If you do not have a battery, the Basen 3100mAh battey is available here.

  • Maximum 50W Output
  • SubOhm Capable
  • Vertical Coil Design

Sub-ohm capable, the Kanger is suitable for experienced vapers only. That said, in contrast to many other mods, the Kanger is startlingly easy to use. And if you’re looking to take your first step into mod vaping, the Kanger will be ideal. That doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for mod beginners, though!

That’s because another key feature of this impressive mod is its versatility! In fact, the Kanger Subox mini is one of the most complete mod kits we have seen, coming with a sub ohm coil, a high resistance coil and even a rebuildable kit allowing you to make your own coils.

The only thing it doesn’t include is the battery, which you will need to purchase separately. The battery can be charged either in the mod using the enclosed USB charger or using the intelligent Nitecore charger (sold separately). The battery is held firmly in a place by a magnetic battery door - which also clicks shut with a very satisfying clunk.

If you’re caught short, you can also use the Subox’s pass through capability to charge while you vape.

Range & Ease of Use

Use the coil with the enclosed low resistance coil, open up the airflow to full and you can expect to puff out huge clouds of vapour. But if that’s not your thing, you can also switch over to a high resistance coil and switch to a smaller airflow hole for a tighter vape with tons of flavour.

But it’s all so easy to use! Simply switch on (there’s no lock function, but as it starts up almost instantly there’s no need for one), use the plus or minus buttons to select the wattage you want and press the fire button!

Meanwhile, if you’re a rebuildable enthusiast, you’ll find a screwdriver, coil wire, organic Japanese cotton and an RDA - everything you need to build your own coil.


Here you’ll find a selection of
e-liquids to suit every taste and budget, whether you proudly buy UK or prefer imported e-liquid.

You can also get involved with our Halo Tasting Panel - an independent and expert group of reviewers who provide feedback on new e-liquid flavours.

We care about the e-liquid we sell. When it comes to safety, quality-testing and flavour, no one does it better.

Cheap Thrills - Glory Glaze 60ml

This glorious glazed doughnut turns every saint into a sinner! Lovingly prepared, freshly baked doughnut, smothered in a warm sugar frosted glaze with a hint of blueberry. A perfectly sweet soft moment of bliss, we dare you to not lick your lips!

  • UK Made & Tested -
  • Made in the UK
  • 70:30 VG:PG Ratio
  • Complex flavour profile
  • 60ml Bottles

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Glory Glaze is part of the Cheap Thrills range, with a VG:PG ratio of 70:30. This ratio is suitable for a wide range of tanks and offers a great balance of flavour and vapour production.

What's in your e-liquid?

We care about e-liquid. We insist that all the brands we supply are tested in Government approved labs, and meet our stringent quality standards, so that we can guarantee our customers are only getting the very best there is.



Clearomisers or tanks have become the most used type of electronic cigarette cartridge. Ever improving technology and innovation have helped them to overtake the humble (and still very effective) cartomiser.

A clearomiser has a tank, made from either polycarbonate or pyrex which is used to contain the e-liquid. The
e-liquid is then vaporised by the atomiser which is then sucked through the chimney to the drip tip and into your mouth when you inhale.

Find out the differences between the clearomisers, and which one is best for you

Aspire Nautilus X

Based on the hugely popular original Nautilus, the Nautilus X is a compact tank with 2ml capacity and a unique top airflow design which is highly resistant to leaks.

  • Leak free U-Tech coil system
  • Improved flavour
  • Easy, quick top filling
  • 2ml capacity

Clearomisers shopClearomisers shop


Aspire’s new tank, the Nautilus X, is a low capacity compact tank with a top airflow system that prevents leaking.

The reliability of the original Aspire Nautilus means it has been a mainstay for many vapers for years - in fact, if you’ve been vaping for a while you’ve probably already heard of it. With the Nautilus X Aspire have taken the original design and added some cool new features - and applied some of the lessons they have learned from producing other top notch tanks such as the Cleito.

Suitable for use with the Aspire Nautilus X coils.

Improved Airflow

The Nautilus X also features new and improved Utech airflow technology. Air flow is directed down and around the coils before reaching your mouth, maximising the flavour and meaning your vape tastes even better!

Leak Resistant

Another area Aspire have been working hard on is leak resistance. To combat leaks, airflow controls have been moved to the top, which means you’ll no longer experience any pesky bottom leaks.

Incredible Easy Filling

One issue with the original Nautilus is it could be hard to take apart, especially if you overtightened it. It’s obviously something that Aspire recognised, as the new Nautilus X top filling mechanism makes filling both incredibly easy and very quick!

Large Wicking Holes

Stay in sensible voltage ranges and you should find that the large wicking holes prevent dry burns and mean you don’t have to change your coils as often. As always, we do advise letting your tank stand for at least five minutes before use, and ideally adding a few drops of e-liquid to the air-holes and the mesh before usage.

Much like the original Nautilus, with it’s improved wicking over more standard tanks, higher VG (thicker) liquids can be used in this tank also increasing the range of liquids available to you. We find 70% VG is handled with ease, although as always high vg e-liquids will reduce the life of your coil.