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Set recommendable both novice and advanced users . Factors that decide that this is the leader of our statement is a very attractive price , and the two supplied batteries .

It is worth noting that the set is composed of elements coming from the best manufacturers , which ensures the quality of the performance and operation.

Summary package is ideal for e - smokers who are looking for simple solutions . In this set of batteries used and clearomizerów created by EirHorse .

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Excellent offer a complete set of e - cigarette EirHorse


The first impression

Everything looks as it should . E - cigarettes and accessories are prepared from solid materials , and the whole thing can be hidden into the included carrying case. The units are lightweight and comfortable , and their individual components assembled properly . In this category, the lack of any serious allegations .


appearance of the electronic cigarette EirHorse
E - cigarettes are confusingly similar to other available products on the market . In any case, this is not a defect , but to adapt to current trends . The unit looks good and feels solidly made ​​.

Kit Contents

The kit includes all the most important components for e - smoking .

In the box you will find :

- Two batteries with a capacity of 1000mAh

- Two clearomizery EirHorse 2.5ml

- USB charger

- instructions

- Case for e - cigarettes

- 10ml e liquid EirHorse

- Car charger

- Leash



We get two really durable batteries with a capacity of 1000mAh .
battery eirhorsebattery eirhorseThese two functions allow the batteries to use a DC supply or declining . The proposed solution significantly extends battery life and allows you to better tailor its operation to your preferences.

Price - quality

value for money - EirHorse
With this kit you would expect a higher price . Fortunately, it is different , and most stores you can buy the whole package on very favorable terms . It's the perfect choice for people who want to start e - smoking without incurring additional costs.


The manufacturer provides a warranty on the individual elements of the set:

-Clearomizer - 7 days

- Batteries - 6 months

- Charger - 12 months

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The product that fully meets the needs of most users. For an affordable price we receive two e - cigarettes, which allow us a long time to enjoy electronic balloon without unnecessary worries. Ease of use makes it an excellent choice for those who are not in need frills . By buying this kit you can be sure that you are getting just what you will really need.