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E liquid, or E Juice for electronic cigarettes It can have your favorite beverage flavor , fruit , mint or imitate the smell of cigarettes . E liquid, because of the question , it's fluid, which is used for the electronic cigarettes . See our troubleshooting guide for choosing the right e liquid nicotine content When you buy e cig liquid , very important is to choose the appropriate dose of nicotine , because large amounts of this chemical delivered once can be toxic for people who have not previously been in contact with cigarettes .

Therefore, the transition between the doses should be relatively smooth . In this respect, manufacturers that offer a lot of possibilities liquids . Typical liquids are available in doses ranging from 0 mg , or nicotine -free , up to 26 mg . The following table shows the dose of nicotine found in a traditional popular brands of cigarette , so-called analogs , and the corresponding dose contained in l ml e - liquid: ( 1 equivalent of the pack) .

The amount of nicotine in a cigarette cigarette brands on the dose of nicotine ( number of pieces in the package ) The amount of nicotine in the cigarette Brands of cigarettes a given dose of nicotine (10 of pieces in the package) The amount of nicotine in 1 mL of liquid: 0,1mg Cristal 1 mg 0,4 mg Marlboro Silver 4mg 0,5 mg Marlboro Gold,Lucky Strike Blue,Marlboro Mint 5mg 0,6 mg Marlboro Lights, L&M Blue Labe 6mg 0,7 mg Lucky Strike Red 7mg 0,8 mg Route 66 Original 8mg 1,0 mg Gitanes 10mg if you want to stay with the previously delivered dose, and there is no liquidów of such power, you can try to mix them together, for example, 6 and 12 mg will give a total of 9 mg, or you can add any amount of liquid: 0 mg dose, as well as dilute liquid propylene glycol, which is available in the stores of chemical (we do not recommend this method because it reduces the perceived intensity of flavors)