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Posted 4/9/2014

What is e- smoking with e- cigarettes

More and more often we meet with expressions e vaping , e cigarette . What is this wonder ? Can we really be witnessing a revolution that once and for all eliminate the problem of passive smoking and cause the same health smoking will be neutral ? In this article we will try to dispel doubts about this, throw in a handful of practical advice. Electronic and ecological E -cigarette is the first electronic cigarette and eco-friendly on the market . It is dangerous for the body since it contains tar or carcinogens. As a " device " harmless to the environment , we can smoke it anywhere , even in places where letting go of the traditional " bubble " is prohibited, such as on a bus or on a plane. Benefits , which are not lacking This invention allows you to enjoy at that ritual of smoking, but does not deliver the body of harmful substances that destroy our health. It is important to eliminate passive smoking. What is important for smokers - e-cigarette looks like a real : a mouthpiece , a glowing tip , and it emits a mist resembling smoke

Forever thrower who " have tried everything" see this as another opportunity , they believe that with electronic cigarette quit smoking - even for the most hardened smokers will be painless. And disadvantages ... Unfortunately , ah , unfortunately . No defects there's no way . E smoking , which has already made such a sensation in the West, has some effect on our health. So it is not without drawbacks pleasure . Manufacturers of e-cigarettes are tobacco companies . Their new product as an alternative to traditional cigarettes , he laid bare the new face of cigarette manufacturers as advocates of a healthy lifestyle. Where is the problem? Well, generated by the device balloon contains nicotine - one of the most addictive psychoactive substances , which makes 40 to 50% of people in contact with the substance. good alternative Lesser Evil ? Yes, because the e-cigarette can help in the fight against smoking addiction , be transitional stage between "being an addict " and "being a former addict ." A simple calculation shows that better smoke e cigarettes Ireland than let " ordinary balloon ." This product can not be just a gimmick . Please note that e- cigarettes are devoid of tar and other carcinogenic compounds that cause most of the diseases associated with smoking traditional tobacco but gradually addicted to nicotine . practical info First - where? The easiest way is to order online . Secondly - how? Use our four-step procedure : PHASE I - If you are a true addict - smoke an e- cigarette with a high level of nicotine ( and any time when you have the desire to reach for a cigarette - eliminated the option once e - smoking , one smoking) .

This stage lasts 6 weeks. If lighty smoked or smoked recently go directly to phase II. STAGE II - Use the e liquid (eirhorse) with an average nicotine content . This phase takes 12 weeks. STAGE III - Time e - cigarette e liquid with low nicotine content . At this stage the need for four weeks . PHASE IV - Use the e liquid without nicotine to reach the goal of complete withdrawal . The last two weeks, and you're free ! Sales of electronic cigarettes , or smokeless nicotine inhalers , going up recently , it is estimated that in Ireland disappear from the stores at least 4 thousand . units per month ( all sets , not counting replacement cartridges ,e liquid ), and the demand for them is growing. At the same time there is a discussion or not to ban the production and distribution of e cig . Why electronic cigarettes are to be treated worse than traditional cigarettes ? After cigarettes will continue to be bought at any kiosk . This raises the question of why prohibits the e cig , which are harmless to non-smokers . It is possible that at stake lobbying companies as the electronic cigarette is a potential competitor of both cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy .

Usually fighting tobacco and pharmaceutical exceptionally according lobbied for the introduction of the bill ban e cig . Opportunities kontrlobbingu eletronic cigarettes manufacturers - mostly small businesses - are almost none. Community e - smokers sent a petition to the Ministry of Health with a request to withdraw the proposed ban. What will be the result - we will see shortly . And what is happening abroad ? In Hungary, e cig were considered a pharmaceutical product . And because it did not pass acceptance testing of pharmaceuticals on the market , they temporarily banned . In Slovakia, however limited they sell only to stores with a separate area for the sale of tobacco . In the Czech Republic from July will be available through the Internet and vending machines. Our southern neighbors have also banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors