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Posted 4/4/2014

Cheap breathalyzers show that the driver after firing the e-cigarette is intoxicated. Fortunately, more detailed police equipment should show the correct result 0. The composition "e liquid", ie liquids for dispensing nicotine electronic cigarettes comprises glycerin, linalool, glycol compounds or from the group of alcohols. By pressing a button on the electronic cigarette is heated tank contents, and inhaled pair, besides nicotine, contains a precisely these alcohols. Some fluids contain a nicotine also pure ethyl alcohol. So is smoking electronic cigarettes have a wide berth breathalyzers and road checks? Devices for € 15 (approved) have the breath to 0.1 to 0.3 per mille. Only after a few minutes after smoking the e-cigarette, everything returns to normal

The dispute between the European parliament and the EU countries about electronic cigarettes On the way to an agreement between the EU and the EP ws. stand Directive tobacco electronic cigarettes.

The dispute escalated around the operating fluids and nicotine cartridges. Negotiators will meet on Monday evening and possibly on Wednesday. - We are at the finish of this very long and contentious negotiations. The last issue that remained to be resolved, this electronic cigarettes, most of the remaining issues is either agreed or negotiated close - said on Monday EU diplomat. - Parliament (EP) has supported the provisions that provide for the treatment of electronic cigarettes as consumer products, while the EU Council supported in its position covered by the provisions of pharmaceuticals. Council has made significant concessions, opening the door to treat them as consumer products, but the simultaneous restrictions - he added. He explained that this would be a ban on advertising, sales workers, and left to member states to regulate the issue of flavors for e cigarette. At the same time, according to this proposal, EU countries - if they wish - could be more restrictive and treat cigarettes as pharmaceuticals.

Despite such concessions from ministers - said the diplomat - PE "wants more". The hardest and most controversial issue is refillable cartridges (electronic cigarette) - he said. He explained that the EP insists that the cigarettes were sold with uzupełnialnymi contributions, the Council wants to disposables. It is possible, however, that the ministers would fit for refillable cartridges, but with lower levels of nicotine. Council wanted to nicotine electronic cigarettes only at the level of 2 mg / ml, and the EP originally spoke with a maximum level of 30 mg / ml, now talking about 20 mg / ml. - When you look at the parameters of the operating fluids of the contributions they have capacity of 10 milliliters, which when multiplied by 20 milligrams (per milliliter) gives a concentration of 200 milligrams of nicotine in the cartridge. That's a lot, according to one estimate is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes a day for a week - said the diplomat. - The second is the fear that it might open the door of many abuses, if you have such a contribution, which can be completed, it is not necessarily the nicotine, it can be a drug. Heroin addicts may find it attractive way heroin - he noted. The diplomat pointed out that the EP has made contributions "red line" due to "the strong pressure of the industry". - At the moment the red line to the Council is that we do not want operating fluids cartridges. If Parliament will absolutely insist (...), it's hard to say what will be acceptable to the Council (...).

But it was certainly expressed a lot of concern about the level of nicotine that can be used in these cartridges. Can you imagine a more restrictive regulations regarding the type of cartridges, which can be used - suggested. He estimated that there is a risk that in the event of an impasse in negotiations at this point an article about electronic cigarettes will be removed from the tobacco directive, which would result in a lack of EU regulation of this "exploding" market. - For many member states would be the worst possible outcome - he said. Directive tobacco in the European Commission's intention was to prohibit the sale of cigarettes in the EU slim and flavored cigarettes, including menthol to discourage especially young Europeans to smoke. However, the withdrawal from the market of horns do not want or PE or Member States.

In October, the European Parliament in favor of the introduction of the EU ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes, but only for 8 years. Other flavors may be banned already in 2016 Furthermore, electronic cigarettes were supposed to be - the intention of the European Commission - treated as medical products, registered and sold mainly in pharmacies. Similar restrictions are demanding ministers; MEPs do not support them. E CIG should be regulated, but should not be subject to the same principles as medical products, unless they are presented as having properties for "preventive" - says the EP