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Posted 5/25/2015

Limerick councilors banned the use of electronic cigarettes in the urban communication. A similar ban has been operating since April in Cork. J
- Adoption of a resolution prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes in public transport vehicles is part of the comprehensive measures Limerick City to promote a healthy lifestyle. We leave also facing complaints pouring in from people using public transport. Passengers pay attention to the difficulties connected with the use of electronic cigarettes in vehicles

Draft resolution on this issue has not affected yet and therefore will be Proceeded until June, it is likely to be easily accepted.

Case ban smoking in buses began back in September last year.

- Do not addictive, and when smoking does not stink. This option is convenient both for me and other people in the tram. Why someone would disturb steam? - She says encountered a man who uses e-cigarette in a tram.

The ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in public transport introduced in April this year Cork. A large number of people complaining of smokers who are able to withstand several minutes without e-cigarette. Once inhaled, balloon wafted the vehicle, and fellow passengers become passive smokers.

- So far we did not notice any submissions on the matter. However, each will be carefully reviewed, and the measures taken are adequate to events

Electronic-Cigarette consists of nicotine and water vapor. Such a combination is less harmful for the smoker and his surroundings. Several leading academic centers on this research, but not their findings are not yet conclusive. The World Health Organization has banned the advertising of electronic cigarette, because it may be the first step on the road to addiction.

Actions taken by the Irish city are a result of a resolution adopted by the Metropolitan Transport Association. Local governments collectively have recommended a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in public transportation all members of the association. In Ireland, the legislation governing the use of electronic cigarettes are less restrictive than in the case of tobacco, but more and more cities prohibits their use. In Dublin, a similar communication ban has been operating for several years.