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Posted 4/4/2014

Poisonous or not?

I do not know, but e - cigarettes evoke emotions Electronic cigarettes are conquering the hearts of millions of consumers around the world . While not contain tar, there are opinions that are harmful to our health. Poisonous or not? I do not know, but e - cigarettes raise emocjeTrujÄ…ce or not? I do not know, but e - cigarettes evoke emotions Electronic cigarettes are conquering new markets . There was a real fashion to incur pure nicotine. But , in fact , a product touted as the salvation for heavy smokers , may be harmful. So far no one has taken up the challenge accurately testing the impact of e - cigarettes have on our health. We certainly do not do this big corporations that have already counting the profits from their sale and bombard consumers still new ads . Momentum with which they promote their products would not be ignored biggest brands . Professor Robert West , director of product research department nicotinic University College London , wrote in a commentary published in " The Times " , it is better to smokers using e - cigarettes , than traditional tobacco smoke . More smokers will die if the government will limit the ability to use e - cigarettes - warned in a letter to " The Times " an expert on public health. The government is considering whether electronic cigarettes should be subject to closer scrutiny .

The EU is considering a complete ban them . Prof. Gerry Stimson school of public health at the London College argues , along with three other authors, that the effect of such measures would be counterproductive . " It would be a paradox if the legislature has banned e - cigarettes , condemning addicted to smoking traditional" . E - cigarettes contain only nicotine , which can satisfy the need for addicts smoking without tobacco . " Nicotine itself has little effect on health, therefore e - cigarettes can reduce the detrimental impact that smoking has on addicted people " - says prof. Stimson . It would seem that e- cigarettes will be the bane of tobacco companies . Nothing could be further from the truth. It turns out that large corporations producing products cigarettes and the like associated recognize opportunities . Thanks to them, they have a chance again to advertise a wide audience . Until now, most states forbid the advertising of cigarettes or at least significantly limited places solicitations smoking was possible. It is common to prohibit their promotion during sporting events. Often companies selling their spots cigarettes may not also present on television.

Tobacco companies to return to television after nearly half a century of absence and the ban on cigarette advertising on television. Recent data indicate that the record sum will be spent this year on advertising of non-tobacco products, including e- cigarettes. The largest tobacco companies in the world storming the emerging electronic cigarette market by huge advertising budgets . As reported by market research agency Nielsen , since 2009, nearly 60 million pounds spent in the UK on advertising " anti- smoking products ." Several times more seems to be in the United States . As he wrote recently newspaper " USA Today ", concerns the ocean hurry, because the fall the Obama administration announced regulate the advertising of e-cigarettes . In the UK last year's record with 13.6 million pounds will be beaten this year , as 11.5 million pounds spent so far. Experts in the industry believe that with such an aggressive campaign of big tobacco companies will soon introduce e - cigarettes to " mainstream " via tenders for television, which will make them "important players" . British American Tobacoo , manufacturer brands Lucky Strike and Benson & Hedges , has become the first company in July, the tobacco industry , which has launched a UK e - cigarettes and which plans to increase spending on advertising. Philip Morris International , the world's largest cigarette manufacturer , intends shortly to release their own device, and Imperial Tobacco , the manufacturer of the brand Davidoff is planned for next year. Since the device will not be subject to the provisions regulating the drug market at least until 2016 , scientists fear that impressive advertising campaign , which echo the era of the Marlboro man , could result in a retreat from listed decades the trend of reducing the consumption of tobacco products.